About Niki, Your Whole Life Photographer

From engineer to newborn and family photographer

I’m Niki, a newborn and family portrait photographer based in Espoo, Finland. You remember back in the day, when people used to have a family doctor? That’s kind of what I mean when I say I’m a family photographer, and that’s what I mean when I talk about ‘whole life photography’ - I want to be your trusted photography ally for all of the big and small moments in life. Pregnancy, newborn, family sessions, graduations, weddings - I’ll be someone you can trust and enjoy having around; someone your children will remember and look forward to. ‘Til death do us part!

I’m an on-location photographer in Espoo, and I work the Helsinki Metropolitan area like it’s my backyard - but I’ll happily travel all around Finland. I have over a decade’s experience of photography, and I’ve worked with more than 2000 clients. However, photography wasn’t always my career. I’m an engineer to trade, and used to work for a large corporation. And this isn’t a sob story about hating my old job - it was creative, and challenging. But when I sat one morning in our open plan office and watched an entire Audrey Hepburn movie without anyone noticing, or calling me out, I realised that I didn’t want to live this way. Fortunately, my photography hobby was already in full swing - I didn’t know it yet, but my transition to newborn and family photographer was already in motion.

smiles for life

Today, I’m lucky enough to have travelled the world - including Iceland, Estonia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium and all around Finland - as a photographer. I educate other photographers (novices and professionals) with my online courses, and I have a podcast (Happy Hell!) for parent entrepreneurs. In short, I feel very blessed and very happy with my decision! Being a family and newborn photographer enables me to put my family first, and grow in ways I never dreamt I could.

Most of all though, being a photographer allows me to bring people joy, in ways I never could in my other careers. When I create beautiful portraits that capture how someone loves, and is loved back, it brings them true and lasting happiness. I hope I have a chance to make you happy, too.

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