Happy Hell 004: Seven Habits for a Better Sleep – with Janne Kanervisto

My guest on the 4th episode of the Happy Hell podcast is Janne Kanervisto, a licensed MD, who is specialized in a general medicine and who has his heart set on helping patients with sleep problems.

We all have to sleep, some of us less, some of us more. We all have an occasional late night or a super early morning. The secret of a healthy life is not to make a habit of it. But what about the following questions:

  • Are you a good sleeper if you fall asleep as soon as you see a pillow?
  • What to do when you roll in your sheets for hours in a quiet agony, waiting for Morpheus to pay you a visit?
  • What defines you: the sleep of the righteous or a sleep disorder?
  • Could you suffer from a sleep apnea and is it dangerous?
  • Is a sleep school (unikoulu) good for your kids (and you)?

You learn so much listening to Janne, but the most important outcome of the interview is that Janne Kanervisto explains the seven habits for a better sleep each of us should adopt immediately. I also ask silly questions about my own sleep, we discuss nightmares, what is and what isn’t a sleep disorder, when you absolutely have to seek help and where to get sleep related help in Finland.

You will enjoy this episode enormously.

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